I decided to give the Snowberry products a try and I chose the cleanser (yea, it’s a cleanser despite the name) cause I’m particular about cleansers. Acne is still a friend who refuses to go away. I decided to accept the friendship rather than moan and groan. I guess it’s here to stay longer than I hoped. I need a deep cleanser cause I use a fair bit of foundation and concealer to hide the redness and spots, so I need a thorough cleaning. My skin has also moved from being completely dry because of the eczema to now normal / combi. Suki products helped a lot, else I’ll have dry skin on the outside but oily inside. Harder to manage. It’s normalized now.

This product is a 2-in-1 cleanser and toner. Don’t we all love our 2-in-1 products? I was a bit skeptical at first because I think it’s too gentle on my skin, my skin is pretty tough, I can exfoliate daily! And after having done a few skincare reviews, gentle products have no effect on my skin. But this was extremely soothing and refreshing and clean. It doesn’t have that squeaky clean feel Suki products have, (I think it’s because lemon in Suki cleansers correlates to general cleaning products???? hahaha…) but this is very gentle and effective. It smells super nice, it’s not sweet or floral, it’s not woody either, it’s not lemon smelling, like Suki, but like some nice perfume. Haha, I can’t describe it. And how do I know it’s effective? I double tone, used my toner and cotton wool to swab my face to rid last traces of dirt and the cotton wool came out clean. Win! I guess what I like about it, is that it doesn’t leave my face feeling tight after washing but a totally moisturized feel and when I came out of the shower and checked my face in the mirror, pores are small and skin refined. Yes! That’s the toner at work. Usually after shower, pores not that small yet cause of the hot shower and steam. So I’m completely happy with this product, it’s 100% natural, ingredients are organic as far as possible but it does contain synthetic ingredients such as lipochroman-6, which is an anti-oxidant with anti-aging properties. Snowberry’s philosophy is to make natural products that are effective and deliver results. This will rehydrate the epidermis and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I’ve seen customers who change their entire skincare regime to Snowberry!

The downside?


Don’t be fooled by the looks of the toner. And it’s not chocolate syrup! I’ve never seen a dark brown skincare product, to be honest and you shouldn’t smell it straight from the packaging as well. When you squeeze it out, the true smells come alive. It’s lovely, not overpowering, sweety or floral, very pleasant. It IS a tad expensive, for a cleanser. I once read that if you want to invest in a good skincare product, it should be your serum or moisturizer because it stays on your skin for 12 hours. Cleansers stay on your face for less than 30 sec and you wash it away. Like a bit wasted!!! You know what I mean. But this would be one of those products you use to pamper yourself, indulge in expensive ingredients to look after your skin. Feels good when you’re down and need something that’s luxurious or after a long hard day!

$67 for 100ml or $34 for 30ml. @ Pure Tincture, 1 Raffles Place #04-22B or purchase online, www.puretincture.com.